Living Better Through Wellness

Welcome to the Home of Wellness. is home to a Free Resource for wellness information. Unfortunately, when it comes to the actual term “Wellness,” many people have a tendency to “Shy-Away” from anything to do with “Wellness” and for several good reasons.

Wellness is about helping your body function more healthily! Unfortunately, “New Age” thinking has woven its way into the industry, thus causing those who tend to think more conservatively to stay clear of anything that even resembles “New Age.”

Wellnessabilty was chosen as the name of our Free Online magazine by combining three truths.

First, Wellness is essential to the human body. Anyone with at least a fifth-grade education can tell you that being healthy is better than not being healthy, and when you are healthy, you are well.

Second, We believe that when God created your body, it was created perfectly and in His image. Third, we believe that God has given us the ability to “Be Well,” thus when combining these two simple principles, we have the Ability to Be Well. Therefore, we have coined those two thoughts into Wellnessability.

What to expect from Wellnessability?

At Wellnessability, our goal is to provide updated wellness-related information concerning your physical, mental, and even spiritual health. We will provide you with editorials, health tips, exercise-related guides, product reviews, and hopefully enough resources to turn you into a wellness-minded individual who can quickly discern between healthy alternatives and old-wives tales.

New Age Lies and Wellness

When I first heard the term wellness, I, like so many others, began to search the web for information. But unfortunately, I was beginning to experience a lot of what I like to call “Malfunctions” in my body. I also found that I was getting slower. My thinking was often clouded, and I did not have the drive that I had just a year or two earlier.

What I found when I searched was disturbing to me. At first glance, it seemed it had everything to do with the New Age Movement! Yoga, Essential Oils, Meditation, Crystals, and a host of other things that were not only offensive to me as a Christian but as a person who knows the Bible understand that most if not all that so-called healthy lifestyle stuff the new age movement is pushing stems from ancient middle-eastern religions and is demonic in almost every way.

It became discouraging that I couldn’t find quality health-related information that led me to natural cures and practices that did not involve the New Age movement. With so little optimistic and Christian-based information on the web, I was left to the Scientific Community to help with my ailments. Yes, medications! Far be it from me to knock science and the medical professionals working so hard to save lives daily. I have no problem with doctors, but I have a problem with Big Pharma!

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